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we survived Y2K, now its time for
me at just over a for me now

Yep, I'm turning 30 on May 22 and
THIS is the place to get information on how I'm going to celebrate it...pretty easy:

come to Kells on Wednesday, May 24th
7:30pm for dinner (pasties, Irish stew, etc.)
8:30pm for some Irish song and dance

Why Kells?
Kells was the last stop on my "21 Run" nine long years ago. I've gone there every year since on my birthday. Liam, who will be playing on Wednesday, played on my 21st and does a great job with both Irish and American Standards. The crowd always joins in singing and dancing so its a great time all around.

Thoughts on 30...

Things I've done by 30...

Things I treasure at 30

The next 30...