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april highlights: started posetech running, started coaching crew, another TI clinic, bought a heart monitor...

Sunday, April 27. The full report.
Just finished up another Total Immersion (TI) weekend workshop. These workshops always boost my coaching confidence and inspire me to get back in the water and work on quality strokes. One of my buddies, Will Dixon, happened to be in the class so that was a nice surprise. He's a pretty serious athlete and getting into triathlons so hopefully we can get him to a killer tri swim.

In other news, yes...I've been very lazy about my journal. Missed the whole month of March. I sold my house, coached a TI Triathlon clinic in Tucson, went to a conference in Portland and then started a huge moving process. I have been running and swimming consistently but with some new twists. After coaching the TI tri workshop I wanted to try out some of the running technique that was used in the clinic. The techique is called PoseTech and it really is quite a different style than conventional running. You lean forward a lot more, focus on pulling your foot and leg up rather then striding and work towards higher, lighter turnover. The technique is great but I also an trying out the Maffetone Method which has you training sub-anaerobic threshold. Although I can stay way below my threshold in swimming, running has been a challenge. I went from doing 5:30-6:00ish miles to more like 9:00 miles in order to stay under my threshold which is 148. So...I can't go all out PoseTech since I should shoot my heart rate way up while I'm learning the new technique. I have to do the Maffetone stuff for four months in order to get more cardiovascularly fit. Hopefully this will put me in a better position for next year's pentathlon season.

Looks like I'll be starting to row and coach rowing again at Greenlake. Stay tuned...