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THANK YOU! to all that have helped and continue to help me in my efforts...

in kind support
Susan Ashlock: all her running advice
Ingrid Buchanan: Steyr air pistol
Dr. Cherberg (my dentist) and staff: travel case for all my gear
Greg Jones: epee assembly lessons
Jon Hess: a place to stay during my San Antonio visits
Jim and Kathy Martindale: Daisy air pistol
Dick and Bonnie Robbins: running and swimming equipment and training

There are lots of ways for you to support my pentathlon efforts (Athen's 2004 or bust!)...

Moral Support: Please feel free to email me any time with your comments, questions and/or your kind words, praise and general pep talks until just before major events, because friend...that's when I need them most. Don't forget to sign my guestbook.

Financial and In-Kind Support: (a.k.a. money, money, money or...if you are a visual person...$, $, $). Pentathlon training is not cheep. There are a lot of costs associated with training for five, count 'em five (shooting, fencing, swimming, riding and running) events, including equipment, training fees (coaching and club fees for example) and travel. If you are moved to support me or another NW Pentathlon athlete, I encourage you to send me an email to find out more about sponsorship. Interested in 'In-Kind' sponsorship or want to help out with gear? Take a look at my wish list for some ideas. 1