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so close...
Sean S. Schmidt : a teacher and track coach

the "they got the good domains first" category ooh...flashy look and sound very blue

celebrity Seans
Sean Lennon : you know, John's son
Sean Connery : you know, 007
Sean Bean : a British actor, starred opposite Harrison Ford in Patriot Games
Sean Young : of Bladerunner fame
Sean Altman : major Sean, BIG Sean
Sean Astin : a youngin in Courage Under Fire
Sean Huges : a Britsh comedian

athlete Seans
Sean Casey : Cincinnatti Reds "The Mayer"
Sean Burroughs : of the Ft. Wayne Wizards
Sean Campbell : on the Wizards too!

musician Seans
Sean Forrest : a Christian musician
Sean Moss : the next big country star
Sean Bray : jazz guitarist
Sean Owens : the full band

artist Seans
Sean Rush : a muralist
Sean Fryer : a cartoonist
Sean Gallup : photojournalist
Sean Farrell : storyboards
Sean Kane : illustrator

scientist Seans
Sean Sullivan : a steam generator scientist

some other Seans
Sean Sellars : you decide
Sean Graham : a "book"maker in Ireland
Sean Scully : a Florida Republican
Sean Burke : ***** yes, that's 5 stars for a damn good site!
Sean Martinson : web designer and hocky fan
Sean Tucker : aerobatics
Sean Kutsko : a NovoNet guy
Sean Kennedy : loon and network analyst
Sean Mann : goose call maker
Sean Prichard : the Sean files
Sean Flinn : a radio guy

other Sean stuff
Sean Nos : Irish books

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