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a LOT more practice!

where I've played
Tacoma Polo Club...Roy, WA
White Swan Polo Club...Yakima, WA

chuckers I've played
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watching a play from the sidelines after some stick and ball


4 May, White Swan.
After a three year polo hiatus I finally found myself back on a polo field. My buddy Jason invited me over to Yakima for an informal polo weekend. I rode Jason's horse Elton for the first chucker and did pretty well. I was able to stay with the action and even made a few good hits and plays. I was off the next chucker then jumped on one of Big R's horses, Hector. Hector used to be a roping horse and that came through loud and clear on the field. Hector would stop or turn on a dime. We had a tough time getting to know each other so I wasn't able to get into the game much. Lesson in all's time to get my own horse.