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A few poems from my first collection...
First Poems: Poetic Sketches, Literary Life Studies1999 Sean G. Schmidt

nature knows me
this world knows us well
nature knows our intentions
no approval or disapproval
only understanding and acceptance
who we were who we are
and who we are to become
nature knows all things
is surprised by nothing

april 1992

This cafe right now is my life.
Detailed wooden walls,
Classical music, students and scholars
Sipping espresso and thinking.
Looking at everyone
To extract their own th
oughts, This cafe right now is my life.

June 1992

And we and I and you,
And thus and though we do,
Like clouds around the world.

November 1993. I wrote this poem while travelling in Russia with friends.

I see your light, flickering.
I know not what smothers your flame, but
How my shadow shivers behind it all.
And now I, with this armfull of Cupid's arrows,
Have nowhere to point them,
And find my own self fading, humbled.
Listen - can you hear that screaming silence?
It is the sound of my heart breaking.
And - can you feel that stinging numbness?
It is the absence of your touch.

January 1996

There is a phoenix rising in my soul,
From ashes that are not quite burnt,
To a bird not quite ready to fly.

But if no inspiration by Spring is found,
Where shall this naive bird go,
But back to the safety of ashes, quickly.

January 1996

At last a swan prince I become,
To slide with strength and grace through cold waters;
To stretch my wings
And drive my legs
Against everything opposing me.

April 1995. This is a poem I wrote about crew when I first started rowing. 1