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me in sidewalk cafe mode me in wildlife biology mode with my good friend (and sometimes boss) Angela me in rowing cowboy mode

birthdate: May 22, 1970
birthplace : Omaha, NE...a farm boy by birth...and still, at heart
most unusual job : orangutan sitter at a zoo where my mom worked as a General Curator
biggest extravagance : my books
what makes me angry : seeing people treated unfairly
what makes me happy : watching others triumph
pet peeve : missing the bus
role model : my Grandma Rosie
secret ambition : to prove that we can live sustainably
what I'd Like to change about myself : a full head of hair would be nice
favorite saying : "Challenge yourself to do greater things"
greatest fear : imposing on others
greatest achievement : being where I am today
most embarrassing moment : when you speak five languages, they abound
proudest moment : camp counselor at the NW Burn Camp
biggest regret : credit cards
favorite actor : Jeff Bridges
favorite actress : Audrey Hebburn
favorite movie : Out of Africa
favorite soundtrack : Il Postino
favorite TV Show : Voyager
favorite book: Reason for Hope, Jane Goodall
favorite author: Isak Dineson (Karen Blixen)
favorite poet : Anna Akhmatova
favorite singer : Tanita Tikaram, Cesara Evora, Douglas Newton
favorite vacation getaway : Kokopeli Ranch (Ma's place in AZ)
favorite hangouts : The Bigtime Brewery, Six Arms
favorite color : wheat
favorite piece of jewelry : a necklace with a worn 7-Up glass Peter found on the beach
favorite time of year : fall
favorite item of clothing : my navy cardigan
favorite places to shop : REI
favorite junk food : KFC
favorite holiday : winter solstice
can't resist : chocolate, in any form
worst vice : chocolate, in any form
musical taste : from Shania Twain to Cecilia Bartoli, Ella Fitzgerald to Crowded House
best quality : laid back attitude
worst quality : for a farm boy, I sure can be lazy
hobbies : I'll try anything...a true renaissance kind of guy
people would be surprised to know : for all that I am involved with, I sure am lazy
favorite spectator sport : any that a friend is playing in
favorite team : UW Men's and Women's crew
favorite TV show as a kid : Little House on the Prarie, Buck Rogers
favorite childhood memory : doing chores with Grandma Rosie
favorite ice cream flavor : Haagen Daaz vanilla chip
what I dream about : I never remember them
favorite musical group : Crowded House
least favorite food : not an issue, I like it all
nobody knows I can : wiggle my ears
I can imitate : Ule Brenner (sp?)
if I had one wish : more time and money to help others
most treasured possession : a hand-written letter from Jane Goodall
if I could live anywhere : Ladakh, India
person with whom I'd most like to change places : ooh, tough one
what I dislike most about my appearance : lets just say, I'll be happy when the braces are off!
greatest love : still looking
quality I most like in a man or woman : compassion
my hero : yep, Grandma Rosie again