Yep, as of December 1, 2001 Sean is a homeowner. Following is a diary of all the time, effort and money that are part of the joy of owning a home.

Monday, May 27.Dad came up to help install deadbolt on back door (I didn't have the right tools). Finished cover screens for garden.

Sunday, March 3. Dad brought up a bench that he made on Saturday. I ended up taking off about 4 inches from the legs since it was a little high off the gorund. We did some pruning and then made two trips to the for stuff, another for yard waste. Sunday, I cleaned and organized the basement a bit and cleared one of the flower beds along the side of the house to plant some strawberry plants a colleague gave to me. Even got to mow the lawn today!

Thursday, February 14. Removed the last of the ivy. Yee haw! Got digital cable put in too.

Saturday. February 9. With the help of my dad, I finally have a dryer down in the basement. I've had hard, line-dried clothes for seven years, a soft towel is going to be great. To end the day, we put some sand around the new sidewalk that I had to put in.

Sunday, February 3. I had to move the sidewalk today in order to be able to get my homeowner's insurance. The old cherry tree had a huge root that had burst up through the sidewalk 20 years ago but I got stuck with dealing with it. So now I have a little paver path that goes around the rood in a graceful curve. Krista says its very feng shui.

Saturday, February 2. Krista Moves in.

Pre-purchase activities

Sunday, December 16. Digging the "Boyer Canal".
I dug the "Boyer Canal" in my back yard today to help the drainage problem. Also placed a makeshift drain pipe from the corner of the house through a tree so the gutter overflow would drain out further into the yard.

December 15-16. Peter moves in.
My buddy Peter moved in to the small upstairs room today. His old Golden Retriever "Gus" came with. Not sure if I'm more excited to have Peter in and the room rented or Gus around?! But really, Peter, a flight instructor, is a great guy and will make a great roomate. Plus, we've known each other for a long time so don't have to learn to many of the "new roomate" quirks.

December 10-?. Moving around.
Jim finally started moving out the bulk of his stuff which means I get to start moving everything around...all my stuff downstairs basically.

Sunday December 2. Moving Jim out...phase 1.
Jim officially started his move out on Saturday. Lets just say the whole thing is an excercise in inefficiency. We probably could have moved almost all of his stuff in two loads, but he's going to be stretching his move out over a whole week. At least its starting thought.

Wednesday, November 26. Sweet couch deal!
Got a sweet deal on a couch set at Market Collectables, a second hand store near the Pike Place Market. Their kind of a caramel color with lots of square lines. One thing I really liked about them...the arms, which are big and square, are also pefect for sitting. As someone who sits on arms of couches a lot, I was quite please. Both couches $275.

Saturday, November 17. Box day.
Today Jim (the current owner) cleaned out the atticks of all his old stuff including dozens of empty boxes he's saved from computer and electrical equipment over 30 years. Also a huge moving planket and a rope from his Sea Scout days. Now I have room to work in taking care of the occasional rat that tries to inhabit the attick. 1