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Sustainable Business and Development Coordinator. Nordstrom, Inc. Seattle, WA March 2001 - Present.
Support corporate-wide efforts to improve and expand the company in ways that have economic, as well as social and environmental value. Develop, implement and support inititatives to: 1. increase sales of mechandise identified as having commendable social and/or environmental attributes (e.g. minority-owned vendor or merchandise made with organic cotton) through employee product knowledge education, engaging new markets, new products and services and competitive advantage; 2. reduce expenses in operations areas through resource and process efficiency; and 3. strengthen relationships with diverse stakeholders including customers, employees, communities, vendors and suppliers and shareholders. Research emerging sustainability opportunities and challenges and engage appropriate executive, management and front-line staff in establishing proactive, thoughtful and clear positions on topics. Deliver internal education and communication around company coporate social responsibility efforts through multiple channels including newsletters, websites and other copy. Work closely with business units to support cross-functional teams around key opportunities and challenges such as introducing organic cotton into product supply chains, integrating sustainability into vendor/supplier relationships through supplier scorecards and developing national solutions for complex challenges including commute trip reduction (CTR) and IT disposition. Initiate and expand Sustainable Retail Partnerships (SRPs) with vendors/suppliers around product knowledge, supply chain efficiencies and sharing best practices to support industry sustainability efforts. Catalize partnerships with other companies and community organizations to advance broad sustainability agenda.

Helpdesk Analyst. Nordstrom, Inc. Seattle, WA. March 2000 - March 2001.
Provide hadware and software technology support for company employees on windows and mainframe based applications including Microsoft Office, Extra and many other specialized systems developed in-house.

Additional appointments include: Regional employee Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) Program Manager (February 1998-present); regional and corporate diversity affairs representative (May 1998 to present).Coordination of several 'virtual' teams to address social and environmental opportunities at Nordstrom including GR.E.A.N. Teams, N.E.A.T., S.A.V.E. and the Sustainable Business and Development Center. Community relations projects and event planning, including the Nordstrom sponsored annual Beat the Bridge Race, NW AIDS Walk, UNCF Walk-a-mile, Salute to Cultural Diversity and annual United Way campaign. During the 1998 holiday season, I was part of a team that lead the corporate employees in the Adopt-A-Family campaign which raised over $12,000 through employee sponsored fundraising events. In 1999, I received corporate recognition for highest funds raised and most successful participant recruiting for the NW AIDS Walk and UNCF Walk-a-Mile. During the 1999 United Way campaign, I was part of a team that increased employee giving by 48% over the previous year.

Human Resources Assistant, Business Information Technology Services. Nordstrom, Inc. Seattle, WA. July 1998 - Present.
Responsible for entering accurate and timely payroll and benefits data into human resource system. Consult with employees and produce communication pieces on company benefits, policies, procedures and directives and serve as backup to management on coaching, counseling, change management, performance reviews and conflict resolution issues.Conduct new hire orientation and exit interviews. Maintain personnel files and assure compliance with local, state and federal laws and regulations.Train new human resources personnel. Develop and optimize reports to meet management needs. Work with recruiting, compensation and education groups to develop recruiting and retention strategic plans. Provide support for major corporate initiatives including an enterprise integration project (ERP) and major divisional reorganization and downsizing transformations.

Retail Sales. Nordstrom, Inc. Seattle, WA. September 1988 - December 1995; September 1996 - July 1998.
Worked in a variety of retail positions for specialty fashion retailer including espresso bar, stock, sales, customer service and internet personal shopper. Developed skills in customer service, merchandising, marketing, sales, accounting, communication and internet commerce. Internet commerce experience: Helped to develop Nordstrom Personal Touch America department located in company?s flagship store before, during and after the release of new company website. Maintained and maximized sales potential of database of including over 1,000 customers including both domestic and international customers. Met sales goals in first month of employment. Developed target distribution lists to keep customers informed of new products and sales.

Interim Administrative Assistant. International Snow Leopard Trust. Seattle, WA. January - August 1996.
Provided office and program support to acting Executive Director and Board of Directors during search for new Executive Director. Worked with other office personnel to prepare financial reports, coordinate membership activities and communications. Participated in and provided support for program development and strategic planning processes.

Media Liaison. Animal Behavior Society Conference, Seattle, WA. July 1994.
Assisted in all aspects of planning the 1994 annual meeting of the Animal Behavior Society. Acted as a liaison between Campus Public Relations, Conference speakers, and the media. Arranged appointments, as well as, collected and distributed conference media releases.

Night Keeper. Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium, Tacoma, WA. June - September 1990.
Responsible for health and safety of zoo collection during afternoon and evening hours, prepared diets and maintained exhibits. Often the only keeper on duty. Learned to observe and recognize potential problems in animal behaviors and effectively solve problems.


Research Volunteer. Earthwatch, Ladakh, India. July 1997.
Assisted primary investigator in planning and implementing a research expedition. Conducted wildlife surveys and ecotourism interviews as part of an ongoing research project studying the status of snow leopards and high mountain ecosystems in the Ladakh.

Wildlife Technician. University of Washington College of Forest Resources, Seattle, WA. August 1995 - Present (Seasonal).
Installed, monitored and removed small mammal and terrestrial amphibian pitfall grid survey sites for the University of Washington College of Forest Resources in cooperation with Champion International Kapowsin Tree Farm. Assisted in radio-telemetry and PIT tag monitoring of Northwestern salamander (Ambistoma gracile). Created databases, entered and audited data for analysis. Trained other students in field techniques and operations, project protocols and laboratory procedures.

International Trade Research and Information Manager. Internship, Foundation for Russian/American Economic Cooperation, Seattle, WA. January - June 1995.
Responsible for identifying sources of trade information, doing research and preparing reports on various topics including: sources of finance and grant funds for projects in the NIS, internet resources pertaining to business in Russia, specific questions from local companies on doing business in Russia, and the identification of U. S. companies in multiple industry sectors. Co-authored Alternative Sources of Financing for Projects in Russia: Venture Capital and Emerging Market Funds.

Research Coordinator/Primary Investigator. Senior Thesis, University of Washington, Seattle, WA. June - December 1993.
Researched the status of post-Soviet zoological parks and aquaria following Perestroika and the subsequent establishment of the 15 New Independent States. Directed three other undergraduates, from two different universities, in travel to thirteen institutions in seven of the New Independent States.

Field Assistant. University of Washington, Seattle, WA. March 1991 - June 1993.
Conducted field playback experiments on song sparrows (Melospiza melodia) in Skagit Valley, WA; experience in bird capture and banding.


Peer Tutor. University of Washington, Seattle, WA. January - March 1995.
Peer tutored 7 hours per week for UW Psychology 233-Animal Behavior Lab.

Peer Tutor. University of Washington, Seattle, WA. March - June 1994.
Peer tutored 9 hours per week for UW Psychology 419 - Primate Social Behavior.

Teacher. Oakbrook Children's Center, Tacoma, WA. September 1985 - June 1988.
Organized learning opportunities and lesson plans for 9-10 year old children including nature/ecosystem walks in nearby parks. Learned to effectively organize and manipulate materials to help students understand difficult concepts.

Teaching Assistant. Pt. Defiance Zoo and Aquarium, Tacoma, WA. June - September 1986.
Helped instructors present educational materials to students and zoo visitors in a variety of conservation, education and research programs.


Director. Steilacoom Historical Education Foundation, Steilacoom, WA. October 1997 - Present.
Represent alumni interests on the Foundation, participate in annual scholarship and small grant dispensation. Coordinate all activities associated with Alumni including homecoming mentor program, Spring speaker program, distinguished alumni award, college welcome committees, major donor and alumni appeal campaigns.

Community Advisor. YMCA Earth Service Corps Community Advisory Council, Seattle, WA. January 1997 - Present.
Provide strategic planning and evaluation to staff, participate in developing programs to teach leadership and communication skills to high school students through environmental and cultural awareness. Help generate community support and raise funds. During the annual Partners With Youth (PWY) campaign in 1998, the YMCA Earth Service Corps advisory group was the only program group that exceeded their fundraising goal set by the Metrocenter YMCA. During the 1999 PWY campaign, the YMCA Earth Service Corps advisory group exceeded their Metrocenter goal by 25%. Currently working with staff in developing a "Corporate Peers" program to cultivate and recognize corporate support of the YMCA Earth Service Corps. Elected Chairperson March, 1998. Received the Metrocenter YMCA Program Volunteer of the Year Award in 1999.

Volunteer. Harborview Medical Center, Burn Unit. Seattle, WA. September 1996 - Present.
Assist staff in a variety of tasks including reception, patient relations, physical therapy, wound care, courier, etc. Volunteer as a summer camp counselor at the Northwest Burn Foundation?s Summer camp Eyabsut (1 week). Participate in Northwest Burn Foundation?s annual "Give Burns the Boot" fundraiser, as well as the Annual Campaign and Community Awards Dinner.

Operations Committee Member. Pocock Rowing Center, Seattle, WA. April 1998- September 1999.
Assist staff in operations, budget planning and facility management. Ensure safety and equipment quality.

Director. Seattle Yacht Club Rowing Foundation, Seattle, WA. March 1996 ? September 1999b
Participated in directing the Foundation it its athletic, education and other strategic planning activities. Developed and tracked annual budget. Helped plan the Windermere Cup/Opening Day of Boating Season regatta.

Director. International Snow Leopard Trust. Seattle, WA. July 1994 - December 1996.
Provided guidance in the financial and philosophical administration of the Trust. Helped direct and develop conservation, research and education programs in twelve nations across central Asia.


Publication Schmidt, S. G. and Davis, C. (Eds.) Alternative Sources of Financing for Projects in Russia: Venture Capital and Emerging Market Funds. Seattle: Foundation for Russian-American Economic Cooperation. July 1995.

Poster. Conservation in Post-Soviet Zooparks: A Weak Link in the Global Zoo Conservation Strategy. 1995 Society for Conservation Biology Conference, Ft. Collins, CO. Honorable Mention, Society for Conservation Biology Undergraduate Travel Award. July 1995.

Poster. The Status and Future of Post-Soviet Zoological Parks and Aquaria. 1994 American Association of Zoological Parks and Aquaria National Conference, Atlanta, GA. September 1994.

Paper. The Status of Behavioral Research in Post-Soviet Zoological Parks and Aquaria. 1994 Animal Behavior Society National Conference, Seattle, WA. July 1994.

Keynote Speaker. An Introduction to American Zoological Parks and Aquariums- NIS National Zoo Conference, Perm, Russia. July 3, 1994.

Lecture.The Status and Role of Zoological Parks in Kazakstan and Other Regions of Central Asia. University of Washington Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilization, Seattle, WA. May 12, 1994.

Lecture. Opening the Iron Cages: The Status of Post-Soviet Zoological Parks and Aquaria. American Association of Zoo Keepers-Woodland Park Zoological Gardens Chapter, Seattle, WA. February 25, 1994.

American Academy for the Advancement of the Sciences
Society for Conservation Biology
Unites States Rowing Association
United States Pentathlon Association


Pentathlon (horse jumping, fencing, shooting, swimming and running), Crew (Rowing), hiking, trekking, camping, mountain biking, international travel, reading, natural history, creative writing.


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